Dr. rer. pol. Susan Lee, M.A. Sociology


Susan Lee is a sociologist and researcher in medical sociology at IMVR. She holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Psychology and a Master’s degree in Sociology (Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, USA).

She completed her Ph.D at the University of Cologne in the DFG-funded Research Training Group GK SOCLIFE “Social Orders and Life Chances in International Comparison”. Her research focused on the adaptation outcomes of immigrant youth in Europe and the influence of individual and contextual variables on the outcomes.

Since March 2018, she has been working as a researcher at IMVR, where she leads the project EMMA-NRW (Evaluation and Survey of Patients with Mamma carcinoma in the NRW Breast Centers). In addition, she works as the teaching coordinator of Medical Sociology at the Faculty of Medicine.

  • Cross-contextual comparisons
  • Social inequalities
  • Quantitative methods
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