Sophie Peter

Sophie Peter, M.Sc. Social gerontology


Sophie Peter studied Speech Therapy and Therapy Science at the Hochschule für Gesundheit in Bochum (Bachelor of Science) and Aging Societies at the Technical University in Dortmund (Master of Arts). The focus was on health care, nursing and the welfare mix in ageing societies. She graduated in 2017.

During her studies she worked as a speech therapist. Her work was focused on patients with neurological disorders and palliative care in the outpatient sector. Additionally, she lectured on neurological diseases at the Hochschule für Gesundheit in Bochum and occupational fields in cognitive rehabilitation at the University of Cologne.

Since July 2017 Sophie Peter is working as a research associate at the IMVR in projects on outpatient/general practitioner care and inpatient care by physicians and nurses.

  • Demography, age & aging
  • Social participation and quality of life in healthcare
  • Mixed Methods
  • Peter, S., Volkert, A. M., Pfaff, H., Radbruch, L., Rolke, R., Voltz, R., & Scholten, N. (2020). General Practitioners’ Perspectives on General and Specialized Palliative Home Care in North Rhine, Germany: An Explorative Focus Group Study. American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, 46(1), 1-7. https://