Jan Hoffmann

Jan Hoffmann


In 2018 Jan Hoffmann completed his studies of health economics at the university of cologne (Degree: Master of Science). In his studies, he focused on the methods of evidence-based medicine, systematic reviews, and topics concerning health care research.

From 2018 until 2019 he worked as a research associate at the Institute of General Practice and Family Medicine affiliated to the University Hospital Bonn. His main research activities involved job satisfaction and job profiles of practice assistants in German primary care practices. He continued his expertise in the methods of systematic reviews, while also working with quantitative survey data.

Since June 2019, he works as a research associate in the project Neo-CamCare at the IMVR which is funded by the innovation fund of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). In June 2020 he also started working in the project COVID-GAMS which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Jan Hoffmann is enrolled in the IPHS program at the medical faculty of the University of Cologne, where he is pursuing his PhD on Regionalization in perinatal care.

  • Systematic Reviews
  • Evidence-based health services research
  • Secondary data analysis
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